Nature Hotspots in Vienna - Part 1

Finally spring arrived in Vienna and due to mild weather and some rainy days the plants are growing and blooming again. In this article we want to recommend you some parks and other green places to relax in the middle of the city. Take your dog for a walk, play ball games with friends, have a picknick or watch some urban wildlife... 

We highly do recommend to bring a camera - so just use this list, convince yourself about the beauty of the places via searching instagram or the web - and then start your excursions ot Viennas local recreational areas.

The green side of Prater

Just around the corner of our hotel building, the area of "Prater" is located. It is most popular for its amusement park or the 4km long main alley which joggers love to use for their training. But Prater is more than that. It is surrounded by lots of green areas such as big meadows, tiny forests or untouched wetlands. If you follow the alley (Prater Hauptallee) from Praterstern to "Lusthaus" - a tiny house at the other end of the pedestrian area you can escape the civilization and find more and more pure nature. Behind Lusthaus some wetlands start and extend right to the beginning of Danube river. In this hidden waters surrounded by a forest landscape you can watch deer, beavers and with a little luck and patience it is also possible to see the beautiful kingfisher bird. It is very impressive how you can escape the urban stress and dive into this untouched hotspot within a few kilometers from the city centre! Please keep your dogs leashed if you leave the marked trails.


If you prefer a walk in a beautiful park, this location might be your favourite choice. The park named Augarten is also located in the second district of Vienna. It offers lots of symmetrical ways and lots of park benches invite to relax next to flower beds or under trees. But there are also some monuments left from the Second World War. Two big flak towers are stil bearing witness of this dark time period. As they are built out of massive concrete and steel walls the demolition is nearly impossible. But those huge buildings are spots where it sometimes it possible to see a peregrine falcon - the fastest animal on earth. So bring your telephoto lens or binoculars and maybe you can spot one of these (in Vienna very rare) birds too!

Danube Park and Danube Island

Even bigger than Augarten is the Danube Park. It is located in the north of Vienna, right between New and Old Danube. You can reach it very good with the U1 line. Bring your frisbee, some food and a planket and spend a nice day in the green. The park is surrounded by the skyline of some of Viennas highest buildings such as DC Tower, Danube Tower or Uno City. 

Vienna is cut in half by the danube river. During the 70ies and 80ies an artifical island has been raised to protect nearby areas from floods. The island is about 21 kilometers long and 250 meters wide. Parallel to the riverside you can enjoy long walks, bycycle rides or - also very popular: inline skating tours. The further you move away from the typical entries of the island, such as the subway stations of U1 and U6, the more quiet places you will find. And maybe you discover a secret paradise such as the "Toter Grund".

Old Danube

The old danube is a quiet water that is seperated from the Danube river. It froms a curve above the New Danube. Especially bathers and sun whorshippers enjoy this place a lot. At the riversides you can find several good restaurants with tables right next to the water. But the best way to experience the old danube is by boat. You can rent several electric or pedal boats and explore places that you might not see during a walk - such as a tour around the island of Gänsehäufel or the beautiful spot of Kaiserwasser.

Keep on following our hotel blog to read more about other local recreational areas right in the city of Vienna. The entire staff of Austria Classic Hotel Wien wishes great excursions and and unforgetable spring time in our beautiful city.

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