Vision • Mission • Values


We are a traditional Viennese hotel with a history of almost 200 years. 
We are now successfully continuing this tradition in the 6th generation. 
We are committed to our responsibility towards this historic building.
We guarantee constantly improving quality thanks to our yearly renovations, reconstruction work, and investment in the amenities and infrastructure of the hotel.  
We pamper business guests as well as private guests with personal service, individual attention, and Viennese charm.  


We place our focus on the needs of our guests.
We place great importance on the relationship with our guests, staff, suppliers, and partners. 
We cater to individualists and guests, who value unique and personal service. 
We offer a home away from home for business guests with all the amenities for business travellers as well as a feel-good atmosphere and individual service for private guests including excellent Vienna tips. 
We strive to be unique thanks to our tradition, our historical background, and friendly, attentive care.
We work productively and use financial resources responsibly in a forward-looking manner. 
We ensure the continuation of the business for future generations through successful management.
We strive for sustainability and environmental awareness – with our team, our suppliers, our partners, and our guests.  


We see tradition as a source of connection and closeness to our guests and staff.  
We strive for quality, stability, customer orientation, and authenticity - without sacrificing modernization. 
We preserve the "tried and true" style and are still open to modernity.  
We are committed to the "old Viennese tradition" and are proud to keep the history of this house alive. 
We conduct ourselves honestly, responsibly, respectfully, trustworthily, and dependably towards our guests, staff, suppliers, partners, competitors, and shareholders. 
We are guided by benevolence, tolerance, and respect among one another with the management of our team and foster a cooperative management style.
We invest specifically in training and further education and create the framework for professional and creative achievements.
We take joy in success and want to maintain what we have achieved so far out of a sense of responsibility towards our guests and staff. 

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Direct Booker Benefits

✓ up to 16 % discount for direct bookers

✓ Parking space at a reduced price

✓ 5% cashback of your invoice amount

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Direct Booker Benefits
  • up to 16 % discount for direct bookers
  • greenbonus if you arrive by bike or train
  • reduced parking fee
  • 5 % refund for every stay

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