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Eat & Drink in Vienna - hotel wien insiders' tips

Viennese and Austrian cuisine

Vienna is a culinary paradise. Formed by the multicultural influences of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, a large variety of culinary delights await you, from a simple meal to haute cuisine.

Worldwide Influences

The typical Austrian cuisine still depends heavily on the great inheritance of the once gigantic empire. The culinary influence of Germans, Poles, Czechs, Slovenians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Romanians and Italians combine to make a refined cuisine. If you want to get acquainted with it, you should bring a healthy appetite; from morning till night temptation is waiting at every corner.

  • Der Wiener Heurige
  • Ein echtes Wiener Schnitzel sollte bei einem Wien Aufenthalt nicht fehlen
  • Heuriger - Wein

Spicy to sweet

At any time of the day, varied and incredibly tasty food is prepared. After a Viennese breakfast with croissant (Kipferl) and coffee, a small bite is still possible before noon. After a three course lunch, you can try some coffee and cake in the afternoon, but don't forget the opulent dinner that awaits you. Whether you prefer spicy Gulasch, Viennese boiled beef or dessert specialties like the Sachertorte (chocolate cake), in Vienna gormandizing goes on without end.

Capital of a Café Culture

There is good reason to count Vienna as one of the European metropolises of a special culture of coffee drinking. Even if the Italian invader Cappuccino is offered here too, the Viennese Melange is still the unchallenged favorite in the time-honored cafés of the inner city

The Viennese Café

The Viennese Café tradition is one of the most pleasant amenities that the city offers. In no other city of the world do cafés enjoy such high public esteem. No wonder, since the customer can get not only extraordinary coffee specialties and delicious cakes but also a good portion of Austrian culture there.

Social Meeting Place

The Viennese Café is only genuine if there is a headwaiter and a lady selling cakes. It has been a popular meeting place for ages for everyday citizens, artists, writers and bonvivants. Whether you come to read newspapers or just listen to pleasant conversation over a cup of coffee, the café counts as the home away from home of the Viennese populace. Don't be surprised if you don't understand the names of many of the specialties on the menu - the devoted customers speak their own language here. Einspänner, Strudel, Kaiserschmarrn, Melange, Gugelhupf und Fiaker - you must try these specialties!

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