Environment & sustainability

Measures in our hotel

Dear guests,

We are not a Hotel that draws its energy from wind turbines and imports coffee with the sailing ship. We do not meet this requirement and we stand by it. Nevertheless, we have recently given more thought to the future of our environment and would like to set valuable signs for its protection together with you.

What is already happening in the hotel?

Waste separation:
We separate glass, metal, large foils, plastic, Tetra-Pak and paper
Packaging of food:
At breakfast you will notice that we mostly do without individually packaged food. Nutella, honey, jam etc. are only available in large jars.
Local suppliers:
Here we try to give preference to local producers. Bread and pastries come from the company Ungersbäck. When it comes to fruit, we buy Austrian organic produce wherever possible. But we are not kidding you or ourselves: bananas and oranges do not grow in Austria! Please visit our breakfast website to find out more about the producers of the organic food we offer.
Here we work with soaked microfiber cloths. An overdose of cleaning agents is thus excluded.
Washing machines:
a dosing system prevents detergent from being overdosed.
Our laundry is washed by a traditional Viennese company and therefore the transport routes are short.
Our light bulbs have been replaced with new LED-bulbs
E-Charging Stations:
Since spring 2018 we are providing two Tesla charging stations for electric cars on our parking space.
Saving resources:
We use green care PROFESSIONAL products from Werner & Mertz and were able to achieve the following savings: 69 kg crude oil, 5 kg plastic and 216 kg carbon dioxide.

What is done in your room?

  1. Change of bed linen: Here we have cards on the bed so that you can decide for yourself whether and when you want to have your bed linen changed. If the card is on the bed, we are happy to change the bed linen.
  2. Towel change: If you hang up the towels, they will not be changed. If the towels are in the shower, you are welcome to get fresh towels.
  3. Showers: The shower and sink fittings are equipped with water savers.
  4. Toilet paper: We buy 100 % recycling toilet paper.
  5. You will find glass water bottles in the room so that you can enjoy the cool Viennese spring water directly from the tap.
  6. New: The green option! By hanging our "The green option" tag outside your door, you ask us to not clean your room and thereby saving the environment in a conscious manner. As a thank you, 1 euro per day goes to a reforestation project and our team plants the little trees personally.

Our tips & wishes

Here are our tips on how you can easily contribute to environmental protection:

Here we recommend traveling by train or bike. We will reward you with the GREENBONUS (see below)

Waste separation:
Please put glass, metal, plastic bottles and paper in the room next to the trash bin  in the bathroom. Our housekeeping team can then easily put this in the appropriate recycling bin.
A waste separation system is available on each floor and in our parking lot.

Change of linen and towels:
Please use the cards that are on the bed when we are allowed to change your bed linen.
Towels that are on the floor in the bathroom or in the shower are changed. You will continue to use towels that are hung up.
Most of our guests actively use this opportunity and we are happy to receive feedback that they do not change their bed linen and towels at home every day either.

Parking spaces:
Please do not run the engine of your car run when parking on our car park.

You don't have to buy water in expensive and environmentally harmful plastic bottles in Vienna, it comes from the tap for free!
Us Viennese people are very grateful that we get the best drinking water quality directly from the water pipe. And yes, we are also a little proud of that.
In Vienna you will also find many drinking fountains in the city in summer, where you can fill up your water bottle for free.

Food waste:
Food is precious and, in our opinion, deserves the highest appreciation. Production, transport and disposal are harmful to the environment.
Yes, it hurts our hearts when we see at breakfast that e.g. Croissants are only bitten once and when we dump full plates and everything ends up in the trash.

Air conditioning or heating:
Our house is 200 years old and the climate has changed a lot over the years. While there was no need for air conditioning in the past, today it is a must. In summer it can often be extremely hot for days in a row.
Of course we want you to feel comfortable in your room. On hot days, of course, our air conditioning is activated. This only has a cooling function, no heating function. In winter, radiators warm your room. In the transitional period, we ask you to simply open your room window and let the cool outside air into the room. It would be really nice if you turned off both the air conditioning and the radiators with the windows open. We also appreciate it if you turn off the air conditioning when you leave the room.

In this way you help to save energy and protect the environment. Thanks a lot!

Our water bottles

You can now buy reusable bottles at the reception so that you can carry the delicious Viennese spring water from the tap in your room with you. Enjoy your "Water to go". There is 2 different variants of bottles you can choose from. The contribution to expenses of Euro 7 per bottle is donated to the WWF! Thanks for your support. PS Guests who book directly with us and come to Vienna by bike (not an e-bike) will receive a bottle as a gift!!

Thank you for arriving "green"!

Guests who arrive from their place of residence by bicycle or train and book directly with us receive a discount of 5% on all available rates in addition to the direct booking discount.
Simply enter the word GREENBONUS in the "promo code" field when booking online.


  • The journey by bicycle or e-car begins in your place of residence! If you travel to Europe by plane and then drive to Vienna by bicycle or train, the green bonus cannot be booked.
  • Arriving by train: Please present a valid train ticket to reception upon arrival (starting point: your place of residence). Unfortunately, a rapid transit ticket cannot be accepted.

If the above conditions are not met, the illegally deducted discount will be added to your hotel bill.

Our bees

Since March 2022, many new guests have been living with us on the roof: 40,000 cute little bees! They live on an unused roof terrace on the 4th floor of the hotel and will be busy producing honey for us. Please read the full story on our BLOG.


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Direct Booker Benefits
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