The history of the Austria Classic Hotel Wien

The Austria Classic Hotel Wien was opened in 1838 under the name "Hotel Nordbahn" and has offered its special mixture of professional and family hospitality ever since. "Hotel Vienna" has been a temporary home to innumerable guests during its almost 200 year history - including some famous names.

Our Austria Classic Hotel Wien was already popular almost 200 years ago because of its convenient location for travelers to Vienna. Although travelers no longer arrive in horse-drawn carriages, the high standard of service provided by the family of the hotel owners has remained unchanged. Whoever comes to the Austria Classic Hotel Wien is received as a friend - a sentiment that remains true to this day.

Proud History

Our long hotel tradition is told with numerous old pictures of the hotel at the Viennese Prater which line the hallways and lounges of the hotel.

On top of these, a memorial plaque and a collage of photographs remember a prominent son of the city of Vienna, who was born on 10th May 1888 in Austria Classic Hotel Wien: Max Steiner. He became famous for the film music for "Casablanca" but he also provided the musical background for more than 300 Hollywood productions. Furthermore, the famous Polish poet and artist Stanislaw Wyspianski was a frequent guest at the Hotel.



Construction of the main building "Zum schwarzen Tor" meaning "to the black door", back then there were only 2 floors at 72 Praterstraße, until the year 1862 the street was called "Jägerzeile" which means "Hunters Lane" and was the residence of Mr. Peter Danhauser.


Opening of the "Emperor Ferdinand Northern Railroad" which was the 1st steam railway in Austria (in the imperial and royal monarchy until 1918 the "Northern Railway Station" was one of the most important railway stations in Europe).


Construction of the 3rd floor and the opening of "Hotel Nordbahn" by Mr. Josef Johann Scheiflinger, the son-in-law of Mr. Peter Danhauser, since then the Hotel has been the property of the Scheiflinger family and their descendants.


Annex of the two side wings in the court yard was constructed.


On 3rd July the "Battle at Königgrätz" in the German War led to defeat of the Austrians against the Prussians, the high command of the army establishes until it's disbanding at the "Hotel Nordbahn".


Takeover of the Hotel by Mr. Josef Peter Scheiflinger, son of Mr. Josef Johann Scheiflinger.


Birth of Max Steiner on the 10th May at the Hotel; a world-famous composer of film music, he wrote more than 300 pieces for Hollywood productions including "Casablanca" and "Gone with the Wind", more information can be found on a plaque in our breakfast room.


Stanisław Wyspiański lived in the Hotel in August; he was a Polish dramatist, poet, and visual artist from Krakow and a member of the artist association of the Vienna Sezession, please see the plaque at the front of the Hotel.


Takeover of the Hotel by Mr. Felix Scheiflinger, a long-term head of the council of the Vienna Hotel industry, he was the son of Mr. Josef Peter Scheiflinger.

1944 - 1945

Severe damage and partial destruction of the building in the 2nd World War.

1945 - 1955

The Hotel was under Russian administration, partial renovation of the Hotel.


The Hotel administration was taken over again by Mr. Felix Scheiflinger, there was further investment in the reconstruction of the house.


Takeover of the Hotel by Mrs. Erika Blumauer, daughter of Mr. Felix Scheiflinger.


 Takeover of the Hotel administration by Mr. Reinhard Blumauer, son of Mrs. Erika Blumauer.


Many annual big investments in the infrastructure of the house.


Installation of the memorial plaque for the film music composer Max Steiner by the mayor of Vienna, Dr. Helmut Zilk.


Hotel extension with additional rooms and enlargement of the breakfast room with terrace.


Hotel expansion with new Premium rooms by construction of an annex and reconstruction of the wing that was destroyed during the 2nd World War.


Takeover of the Hotel administration by Mrs. Ines Pietsch, daughter of Mr. Reinhard Blumauer.

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Full air-conditioning of the Hotel.


Attic conversion in the inner courtyard.

since 2016

Further annual investments in the infrastructure of the house by the owner family in the 6th generation (room enlargements, complete renovation of rooms and public areas, etc.).


Further investments are planned.

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