Hotel with breakfast in Vienna

Good Morning with our breakfast

Start your day with a leisurely breakfast. A large breakfast buffet with traditional Austrian specialties awaits you from 06.30 to 10.30 a.m. at the Austria Classic Hotel Wien. In the summer you can have your breakfast in the quiet inner courtyard of our hotel.

Rich Breakfast Buffet

  • Fresh bread and rolls, ham and sausage specialties
  • Scrambled eggs and Austrian cheeses
  • Choice jams and jellies, muesli and breakfast cereals
  •  Fresh fruit and fruit juices
  • Viennese coffee and tea specialties
  • Traditional Viennese desserts
  • Various cakes and sweets

Vegan options at breakfast

For vegan and vegetarian guests, we offer vegan foods at the breakfast buffet. We try very hard to have variety and therefore we don't always have everything on the buffet at the same time. Please feel free to contact our service staff to answer your individual questions.

Fruit & Vegetable:
pickled onions
pickled cucumbers
pickled beets
pickled vegetables
fruit salad
fried onions
pickled peppers
olives with paprika paste
black olives
plum stewed
mustard pickles
mushrooms grilled in oil
tomatoes sun-dried in oil

Jams & sweet spreads:
strawberry jam
blackberry jam
orange jam
passion fruit jam
mixed fruit jam
rum pot jam
raspberry jam
apricot jam
sour cherry jam
maple syrup
peanut butter
Dried fruits, kernels & seeds as well as muesli:
flaxseed (organic)
dried cranberries
pumpkin seeds
sunflower seeds
banana chips
muesli mix with dried fruit pieces

Beverages & Pastries & Savory:
currant juice
apricot juice
mango juice
strawberry juice
cherry juice
passion fruit juice
multivitamin juice
oat drink
apple juice
orange juice
pineapple juice
pear juice
cranberry juice
Grander water
mineral water
grapefruit juice
banana juice
pomegranate juice
bread and rolls (except original rye bread, croissants, cheese sticks)
white beans in spicy tomato sauce (gluten-free!)
hummus spread
guacamole spread
chili bean spread (organic)
pumpkin seed spread (organic)
curry spread (organic)
tomato and basil spread (organic)
green kernel spread (organic)

Our suppliers

Bread & Rolls: Bäckerei Ungersbäck  family business since1955
Jam & honey: Darbo  family business since 1879
Eggs: Landgold  family business since 1973
Fruit & Vegetables: Unfried  family business since 1987
Tea: Meinl  Viennese traditional business for more than 150 years
Coffee: Helmut Sachers  Viennese family business since 1929
Wholesale market: Kastner Gruppe

Simply enjoy | Simply relax | Simply comfortable

You can already soak in the first rays of sun at breakfast on the terrace of the Austria Classic Hotel Wien. Our quiet inner-courtyard is available to guests.

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