The Leopoldstadt

Welcome to Leopoldstadt, the 2nd district of Vienna. I have lived here for 19 years and have been working here for almost 34 years at the Austria Classic Hotel Wien. Today I am very happy to take you on a walk through my district.

I live on an island! Doesn't that sound totally cool? Okay, it's not a real island in the traditional sense like in the South Seas, but the Danube flows on one side and the Danube Canal on the other. We Leopoldstadters stick to it: we are islanders and there is a lot to see and explore here!

The Prater

There is, of course, the famous Viennese Prater. In addition to the amusement park, there is also a lot of green space that invites you to relax or do sports. The city's green lungs. My personal highlight is the Giant Ferris Wheel. It has been turning since 1897 and even I, as a Viennese, ride it at least once a year. You can enjoy a wonderful view of the city and it is also a nice childhood memory when you go for a walk in the amusement park afterwards. Leopoldstadt has changed very positively in the last 20 years. The Praterstrasse, formerly a connection for the emperor to get from his residence to the hunting grounds, will soon become even more beautiful. More space for cyclists should be offered and let's see if that will really be implemented this year.

The Augarten Park

I especially like the Augarten. It is over 52 hectares in size and has the oldest baroque garden in Vienna. There you can go for a walk in peace and sit on a bench. We Viennese like to sit around on park benches anytime, anywhere, watching other people.

The Danube Canal

At Danube Canal you will always find the latest graffiti from Vienna and near the Schwedenbrücke there are numerous bars. A sundowner by the canal is probably one of the best ways to end the day and reflect.


The Karmeliter Market

This is a traditional market in the Leopoldstadt, where cheese, wine, vegetables and fruit meet hipsters and me. What a beautiful hustle and bustle there is. I especially like the Pizza Quartier. Neapolitan pizza from the stone oven and a good glass of wine and all is right with the world again. Share a Nutella pizza for dessert and you're in seventh heaven. I also like the Cafe Einfahrt (so called because that's where the entrance to the underground car park is). I like going there for breakfast. Oh and then there's the Wulfish. Crab rolls (almost) like in Hamburg, one of my favorite cities!
PS the photo of the pizza is a symbol photo. We always eat our pizza before we can even take a photo.

The Praterstrasse

The Austria Classic Hotel Wien and I are pleased that the gastronomy has also been enriched by a few jewels in recent years. First of all our direct neighbor, the Dogenhof! Really amazing food and great drinks and the ambiance creates nice vibes. The Geschmackstempel (translates as "temple of taste") at Praterstrasse 56 (in the courtyard) has a great garden and the chef is creative and innovative.
I really like living in Leopoldstadt, it's my district, my neighbourhood, and I feel very comfortable here.

If you have questions about Leopoldstadt, please ask for me when you arrive at the Austria Classic Hotel Wien and I'll be happy to show you how beautiful my district is!

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