Austria Classic Hotel Wien
Praterstr. 72, 1020 Vienna, Austria
Tel. +43 1 211 30-0 

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Your Hotel Wien Team

Your “Hotel Vienna” service-team

The Vienna experts at the Austria Classic Hotel Wien. This is where hospitality is a tradition. We are a traditional family-owned Viennese Hotel for the past 200 years. Each generation has always been committed to fulfilling every wish of its guests with a combination of warm hospitality and first-class service.

Inclusive hotel-service

What is called concierge service in other hotels is understood as a part of your stay at the Austria Classic Hotel Vienna. Our qualified team is happy to advise you, whether it concerns arrival or departure, sightseeing, transportation needs, theater tickets or personal tips about restaurants. We are always happy to help you in word and deed.

Living tradition

The family-run Hotel emphasizes the value of long-term relationships not only with our numerous regular customers but also with our dependable employees. Many of them have been connected to our house for many years. Being greeted by the same friendly employees year after year is exceptional in hotels in large cities, but it's something you can depend on at the Austria Classic Hotel Wien.

Long-term service employees at Austria Classic Hotel Wien

Mag. Reinhard Blumauer | senior partner
Ines Pietsch | managing partner
Ingeborg Seitz | manager
Anna Brüstle | reception
Andrea Grafeneder | reception
Michaela Haidinger | reception
Walter Adamik | reception
Francisco Lozano Diez | reception & bartender
Marius Adrian Lucaci | reception & bartender
Uwe Bilek | reception & bartender
Ramira Fejzic | house keeping/F&B manager
Alexander Polansky | breakfast service
Beate Frank | breakfast service
Karin Veszelovits | breakfast service
Safeta Mustafic | house keeping & breakfast service
Zijada Valjevac | house keeping
Anna Bak | house keeping
Mirjana Jonovic | house keeping
Sebat Antonova | house keeping
Abigail Boateng | house keeping & breakfast service
Nermin Yuseinova | house keeping
Ramiza Milenkovic | house keeping
Ali Osterritter | maintenance
Hayrettin Cil | porter & maintenance
Markus Malderle | porter & maintenance
Rafet Ibra | weekend allrounder
Mr. Blumi | mascot
Mr. Buttons| mascot

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  • Parking space at a reduced price
  • 5 % Cashback of your invoice amount

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