Culinary "to go" in Vienna

My name is Anita and I've recently become a team member at the Austria Classic Hotel Wien and I would now like to introduce you to something very "Viennese".

Sausage stand in Vienna

What do you associate with Vienna? You probably think of: the culture, the art and the culinary Viennese coffee house and the Heurige (vineyard) just to mention a few special features. And then we have our sausage stand culture. These were founded during the k.&.k. Monarchy time and these were still mobile sales stands. Fixed stands only came about in the 1960s. It is also good to know that there are some sausage stands that are open late into the night or early in the morning!

Käsekrainer and the humpback

What could be nicer than dropping by a sausage stand after a lavish ball night or an extended night of partying and enjoying a spicy "sausage breakfast"! A wide variety of people meet there: the student, the construction worker and the university professor stand side by side. A very special atmosphere that you can experience here. Traditional sausages are mainly Debreziner, Burenwurst, Käsekrainer or Frankfurter with sweet or spicy mustard, rolls or bread (Frankfurters are called "Wiener" abroad). If you want a cut of the end of the bread, you can order a “Buckel” in Vienna (translates as humpback). In addition to mustard, pickled cucumbers, salted gherkins and chili peppers are also very popular. According to a survey, Käsekrainer is the most popular variety in Vienna. Maybe for you too! Of course, drinks shouldn't be missing either. The obligatory beer is often drunk and when it comes to lemonades, our Viennese herbal lemonade, the "Almdudler" is in great demand!

The best places to eat sausage in Vienna

I would like to recommend a visit to very popular and well-known sausage stands in Vienna – try them yourself!


Maybe you feel like stopping at one of our sausage stands after a long walk through our beautiful Vienna and trying a delicious Burenwurst, Bratwurst and Co. Have fun and I wish you a pleasant stay!



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