Different options to do sports in Prater

The weather is getting warmer and everybody wants to get outside and be active again!

The "Prater Hauptallee" is an alley that starts just a few steps away from our hotel in the second district of Vienna. This alley is quite popular with hobby athletes and other people who like to do sports. In this blog article we would like to introduce some forms of sport in the neighborhood to our hotel guests as an alternative to our fitness room.


Especially joggers have discovered the 4,4 km long pedestrian area between Praterstern and Lusthaus for their purposes. You can see people running here at every daytime - no matter if it is summer or winter. Some popular running events ar also taking place at Prater Hauptallee - such as the Vienna City Marathon and Wiener Frauenlauf (Womens Run). 

Bike & Skate

There is a skate park with a half pipe and other skating infrastructure at "Rustenschacherallee". Right next to it you will also find a BMX-track. In general the entire alley is a great place to take a ride with your bycicle and inline skates. We do also recommend to expand your tour to nearby Donauinsel! 


Table Tennis, Football, Volleyball & Co

Right next ot the skate park there are two ping pong tables located in the shadow under some trees. You can use them for free but you have to bring your own bats and balls. If these table tennis plates are occupied, you can use other ones at Grafenwiese, Laternenweg or Jesuitenwiese. 

Another reason to go outisde and move are several big green areas. Here you can bring all that you want - frisbee, football or other do other sports that take more space. But please have regards for other visitors. Here are some greenfields in Prater: 

• Kaiserwiese
• Arenawiese
• Jesuitenwiese
• Zirkuswiese
• Ameiswiese 

If you would like to play Beach Volleyball there are also two courts at Jesuitenwiese .You can play there for free but you have to bring your own volleyball net and ball. 

Have a walk & enjoy nature

If you leave the paved paths you can discover some interesting places such as the Prater Auen. Little forests are covering the meadows and are home to several wild animals. If you take your dog with you, please be careful. Even though this place is in the middle of the city, there are some wild deer living there. At the end of Prater Hauptallee at Krebsenwasser, you can also find traces of the beavers and hear the kingfisher chirping. At night it is not unusaual to whitness a fox or badger crossing the alley. 

There is a marked hiking path called Stadtwanderweg 9. The route starts at Praterstern, leads to Freudenau and back again to Praterstern.

Calisthenics & Disc Golf

If you are interested in doing fitness, then you also have to visit the two Calisthenics stations in Prater. Whilst doing this form of training, you don't use any dumbbells or other devices. All you need is your own body weight - and muscles. There are stations with different poles and bars for exercises like pull-ups.  Visit those calisthenics areas at Zirkuswiese and Jesuitenwiese.

Another nice activity that Prater offers is playing Disc Golf. This sport combines Golf and Frisbee. You have to throw your disc into special towers, that are placed all around the Disc Golf Parcours. There are 14 different "holes". You can find this place next to Heustadelwasser and at Sonnenscheinwiese (coming from Praterstern you have to go past Südosttangente and then you will find it on the left side). Again, you can play for free but you have to bring your own discs.Here you can find further information.

Swimming & Boating

In summer you can also go swimming in Wiener Stadionbad - of course you can reach it via Prater Hauptallee. In Heustadelwasser, a tiny waters, swimmng is prohibited but you can rent a boat and relax whilst hanging your feet into the water.

Other sport clubs in Prater:

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