The Spittelberg in Vienna!

The Spittelberg, a lovingly revitalized Biedermeier district, is located in the 7th district of Vienna, just behind the MuseumsQuartier Wien and is the second largest pedestrian zone in Vienna. My name is Anna, I have worked for the Austria Classic Hotel Wien for many years, I am very interested in culture and have known the Spittelberg for a long time. Every time I visit friends there, I feel like I have arrived in a blissful oasis, far from the noise and traffic, and my creativity begins to grow.

I can therefore warmly recommend all readers of these lines to visit the Spittelberg. You can combine this wonderfully with a visit to the MuseumsQuartier. After visiting the Leopold Museum, the Museum of Modern Art Foundation Ludwig Vienna or the Kunsthalle Wien, for example, it is not far to this lovely quarter. Dare to go 100 more steps, relax mentally and let your day end in the calm and relaxed atmosphere of the Spittelberg.

Art & Craft

Not only winding streets, romantic backyards and idyllic guest gardens await the visitor to linger, but also neat shops, such as B: “Zum Blauen Igel” with its fragrant range of soaps, made by a traditional company from Provence that won the gold medal for Marseille soap at the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. Here you will also find handcrafted mirror art, Peruvian handicrafts (objects and figures) and so much more! The owner, an art-loving and committed “Viennese original”, is extremely personable and can tell you many a story. He grew up on Spittelberg. Then there is the “atelierjan” with high-quality art made of leather and you can find artful, hand-made buttons in the “Zwirnknopf-Manufaktur”. The buttons look like imaginative mandalas. These are just a few of the many neat shops. In Spittelberggasse you will also discover galleries (e.g. in Spittelberggasse 9 and 18 with cocktail bar), a theater, a small cinema and so much more.

Last but not least, culinary enjoyment should not be neglected.

Enjoying great food!

At Spittelberg you will find a large selection of rustic Viennese pubs, chic design bars, but also dignified restaurants such as “Das Spittelberg” (rated 3 toques by Gault & Millau). There you will also find the smallest bar in Vienna, the “Negroni Bar”. The beer bar “Plutzer Bräu” with traditional Viennese cuisine or the picturesque Biedermeier restaurant “Zu ebener Erde und erster Stock”, where you can enjoy regional delicacies in a living room atmosphere that has been lovingly arranged down to the smallest detail. I would also like to mention the "Witwe Bolte", who lives in a baroque house from 1778 with a leafy, cozy garden. There are deliciously prepared dishes of the Viennese cuisine at a high level and there are also some vegetarian delicacies. Despite the unobtrusive nobility, this restaurant is not overpriced. Take a look inside the restaurant and discover the saying “Emperor Joseph II flew out of this gate in the arch”.  This saying reminds of a memorable event.

I could go on raving about the Spittelberg for a long time, but now I leave it to you to get to know the Spittelberg in your own way - and maybe get to love it! I would like to note that the 7th district still has a lot to offer outside of the Spittelberg area, above all I am thinking of the many small fashion labels and the newly created meeting areas. If you would like more information, just come and see me at reception. If I am not present, one of my colleagues will give you a specially informative city map of the 7th district. I wish you lots of fun in Vienna!

Kind regards

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