My perfect day in Vienna

My name is Marianne and I have been a regular guest at the Austria Classic Hotel Wien for 10 years. I was asked to write about my perfect day in Vienna and of course I gladly did!

The day begins

As soon as you wake up in the Austria Classic Hotel in Vienna, a perfect day starts really well. You slept well in a comfortable bed and room, get ready and can help yourself to the extremely rich and delicious buffet in the breakfast room. You start right in front of the hotel door, because the hotel is so ingeniously close to the Prater and also to underground and S-Bahn stations that you can start right away. I love to walk and so I head straight towards the city center so that I can take a look at the extremely beautiful houses and numerous shops as I walk past. Today you can walk to St. Stephen's Cathedral, because from here you can continue to stroll along the beautiful shopping streets in the direction of the Naschmarkt. The Naschmarkt invites you to enjoy and taste, so many stands offer tasty things. You can taste them too! A treat is often held out directly to you so that you only have to grab it. The Naschmarkt is a must every time I visit Vienna!

Haus des Meeres & view over Vienna

But it goes further, because there is so much to see in Vienna. After walking through the Naschmarkt, you will come to the Haus des Meeres after a while. A visit to this attraction is definitely worthwhile, but on my perfect day I would like to see Vienna from above and maybe have a small aperitif here. So it goes in the elevator to the restaurant in the Haus des Meeres and after a short ride up to the dizzy heights you step onto the terrace platform and have a wonderful view over Vienna. You can walk all around and then you will sit down and order something small to drink. Enjoy the drink with a view over this beautiful city. That's the way it has to be.


After this break I go back to the city center, but I turn off to the Karlskirche. I always like this baroque church and I go in to feel and enjoy the atmosphere. After these many steps, a refreshment is announced and there is something for this everywhere in Vienna. If it is a small snack, you can walk through the Resselpark directly to the State Opera. Café Gerstner is on Kärntner Straße – directly opposite the opera. If you go up the stairs, you come to a cozy café, sometimes with piano music. There is a melange here and, depending on your mood, a piece of cake or strudel. Enjoyment is an essential part of a perfect day!

The old town of Vienna

After this break it's time to see a little more of the city. So I will go in the direction of the Burggarten past the Mozart monument there and take a look at the beautiful Hofburg. If the weather wasn't so good, I could see the treasury and the Hofburg from the inside. There is also a museum with fantastic table decorations and wonderful crockery - the Sisi Museum. But today it is beautiful and so it goes past the shops. Shops that no longer exist in our city. For me, the perfect day in Vienna can be a day on which I can see a lot of the beautiful houses, let the gallant waiters in the cafés spoil me with dreamlike cakes and other pastries and just let my soul dangle. But even on a perfect day, all that running can make you hungry! And the piece of cake doesn't last long either. So I'll hop on the next subway and go back to the hotel. Because now it's time to freshen up and start again! The Prater is calling!

Ferris wheel & Prater

A short walk over the Praterstern and the Ferris wheel is right in front of you. Of course, the best photo of the Ferris wheel must also be taken here, every time (that's a little inside joke - please ask hotel manager Ingeborg Seitz the next time you visit the hotel what it's all about). I walk past the many fairground booths and rides, enjoy the hustle and bustle and now have a goal in mind. It goes to the Schweizerhaus. Here in this beer garden, the beer and the stilt simply taste good. And you can end the day so wonderfully. As one perfect day is never enough, it starts again tomorrow and there is still so much to see and visit. So in the next few days I will definitely go to Schönbrunn Palace and the Gloriette, and if the weather is bad I will go to the Art History and/or Natural History Museum, the Hofburg, the Third Man Museum, the Otto Wagner Church at Steinhof, the candy workshop and , and, and … view. In between, enjoy a cozy small or large brown, a melange in the Landtmann, the Sluka or - if you're lucky and can get a seat - in the Central. I absolutely have to book my next holiday at the Austria Classic Hotel Wien right away.

Warm greetings
Marianne from Nürnberg

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