7th district "Neubau", Mariahilfer Strasse, meeting areas and museums quarter

My name is Laura and I work as a receptionist in the beautiful Austria Classic Hotel Vienna.

Since I live in the diverse 7th district of Vienna, I would like to introduce this in the course of a tour. Follow me!

We start with what is probably the most famous side street of Mariahilfer Strasse - Neubaugasse, one of the new meeting areas in Vienna. It invites you to browse in numerous boutiques with unusual and modern fashion labels. Like, for example, Berg, Maronski and Sight.

We continue to the aforementioned Mariahilfer Strasse, the largest and most famous shopping street in Vienna. The 1.8 kilometer long shopping mile connects the Westbahnhof with the Museum Quarter and has been a pedestrian zone almost continuously since 2015. Clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, electronics and accessories, you can find everything here. In addition, 2 of the most famous Viennese coffee houses, the Cafe Ritter (opened in 1876) at Neubaugasse and the Kaffee Westend (opened in 1895) at the Westbahnhof. The Ritter is one of my favorite old Viennese coffee houses. The interior moves back in time and the waiters (we call them "Herr Ober") impress with their brittle charm. Of course, numerous modern and trendy trendy restaurants and bars have also settled along Mariahilfer Strasse. Of these, I can warmly recommend "Das Freiraum”. From a hearty breakfast to after-work drinks to trendy music, you can actually stay here all day.

Meeting areas in Vienna

Now we come to another side street and the newest meeting area (not yet completely finished), the Zollergasse or also affectionately known as the “main artery of the new hipsterism”. The 30 year old Cafe Europa, where you can eat, drink and chill late at night, as well as the “Liebling” are among my favorites.

As already mentioned, at the end of Mariahlifer Strasse is the Museum Quarter, a meeting place for young and old, tourists and locals alike. 60 cultural institutions as well as cafes, restaurants and shops are spread over 90,000 m². After the renovation and opening in 2001, modern architecture is combined with historical charm. Musical, dancing and slightly weird events take place here all year round. While you can chill out on the well-known MQ furniture - the “Enzis” - in summer, the inner courtyard is transformed into a Christmas market hotspot with ice stock rink in winter.

Die Libelle ("The dragon fly")

The latest architectural masterpiece in the MQ is the "Libelle". It was opened on September 4, 2020 on the roof of the Leopold Museum. The design by the architects Laurids and Manfred Ortner (also the planner of the MQ area) is reminiscent of a dragonfly, hence the name. Even the free ride up is a pleasure because the lift is glazed. Above, the view extends over the city center to Vienna's local mountains. You can enjoy the panoramic view with a glass of Aperol. Have fun exploring "my" Grätzl and I hope you enjoy this wonderful district as much as I do!

All the best and a lot of fun in the 7th district wishes you



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