Naturhistorisches & Kunsthistorisches Museum in Wien

Maria Theresien Place

The two museum buildings are located directly on the Burgring in Vienna's city center, and can be reached with the underground lines U2 or U3. The buildings are only seperated by Maria Theresien Platz. A place dedicated to the royal ruler of House Habsburg. A monument in the middle of the place is remembering of  Maria Theresia, who is responsible for the introduction of compulsory education in Austria.

In winter there is a Christmas market here during Advent. But the real attractions definetely are the Natural History and the Art History Museum.

Museum of National Arts

The "Kunsthistorisches Museum" was established in 1891 and attracts around 1.75 million visitors a year. The collection in the building includes the gallery of paintings, the Egyptian-Oriental Collection, the collection of the Antique, the Art Chamber Vienna, the Coin Collection and the Museum Library.

Various external addtions such as the court hunting and armory, collection of old musical instruments, Imperial Treasury, Wagenburg, an archive are also part of the collection.

The KHM includes some very old and expensive paintings by painters such as Jan van Eyck, Albrecht Dürer, Raffael, Peter Paul Rubens, Giuseppe Arcimboldo and Pieter Bruegel.

We reccomend to finish a long day in the museum with a coffee in the house intern restaurant.


Museum of National History

The "Naturhistorisches Museum" was founded in 1889, which is 2 years earlier than the Museum of Arts.

Whether dinosaurs, woolly rhinoceros, whale sharks, bird nests or butterflies. The NHM houses contains around 30 million collection objects, making it one of the most important collections in the world.

Beside several variable exhibitions, these are the fix departments of the museum:

For more information, please visit the guidelines website
Museum of National History
Museum of National Arts


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