Our hotel at Praterstern - best connections

Our Austria Classic Hotel Wien is located in the centre of Vienna - just right next to "Praterstern", the biggest roundabout of the city. You can reach Praterstern in a minute. All you have to do to reach it, is just cross one traffic light and within 200 meters from our hotel you are there. This roundabout has fice exits from which you can reach all important places of Vienna. You can take Praterstraße to reach the old city centre of Vienna, or you take Lassallestraße to cross the Danbue and go to the northern districts of the city. 

Tourists often do not recognize it as a roundabout as the place in the middle is very big. It contains a big train station as well as bus and tram stops. In the building you can also find some shops, gastronomy facilities and supermarkets. Praterstern is nearly located in the city centre and known for its good connection to the public transportation services of Vienna.

Buses at Praterstern

5B to Heiligenstadt
Line Information 2017

80A to Neu Marx
Line information 2017

82A to Krieau
Line Information 2017

Tramways at Praterstern

Linie O to Raxstr. / Rudolfshügelgasse
Line information 2017

Linie 5 to Westbahnhof:
Line information 2017

Underground Train Station - Praterstern

U1 in direction Oberlaa or in direction Leopoldau
Line information 2017 (Site number 14 in the PDF)

U2 in direction Seestadt or in direction Karlsplatz
Line information 2017 (Site number 13 in the PDF)

Train station Wien Praterstern

At this railway station several regional lines are stopping. So you can travel through Vienna and surrounding Lower Austria very easy and comfortably. Since December 2017, a train service called "Westbahn" is also heading to Salzburg. 

Here you can find an overview of all trains departing from Praterstern at this very moment and the next ~ 30 minutes.

S-Bahn - Local train service

Line S1 – into direction Wien Meidling or Gänserndorf

Line S2 – into direction Mödling or Mistelbach

Line S3 – into direction Wiener Neustadt or Hollabrunn

Line S4 – into direction Wiener Neustadt or Stockerau / Tulln

Line S7 – into direction Laa an der Thaya  or Wolfsthal

Regional train service

Inform yourself about other train connections at the website of OEBB (Austrian Train Lines).

Westbahn - train service to western Austria

This train service enables you to travel to cities in the west of Vienna and entire Austria every 30 minutes - such as St. Pölten, Linz, Wels or Salzburg. And the best thing is that it stops at Praterstern since December 2017! Visit this website for more information. 


At Praterstern you can also use the service of Viennas Citybikes. After a simple registration (at the station or via website) you can rent a city bikeat very favourable conditions. The registration fee is just 1 Euro and the first hour of your bike rent is for free. The second your is priced at 1 Euro, for the third you are paying 2 Euros. If you spend more than 4 hours, the price per hour is 4 Euros. Per registered user you can just rent one bike. In whole Vienna you can rent or bring back your city bikes at about 120 stations. If you take a short break of just 15 minutes, you can book a bike at a station again and you will enjoy the first hour for free again. Find all information by visiting the official website.


Right in front of our hotel at Praterstraße you can find two taxi stations. If you cross the street and go to the other site of Praterstern, you will find another place with taxis waiting for potential passengers.


As you noticed now, our hotel is connected very good as it is located in the city centre and with Praterstern you can enter the network of Viennas public transportation services very fast and easy. If you are planning an excursion with your family oou team at the reception will not hestitate to help you if you ask them. A good website for finding the ideal route with public transport services in Vienna, is this one here.

Read more about the easiest ways to reach Viennas most famous sights in our next blog article - comming soon.


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