Grander-Water in our Hotel

Did you already know about our GRANDER Water Drinking Fountain? It is said, that the breakfast is the most important meal in the day – that’s why we are offering just the best food and drinks to our guests. About one year ago, we installed the GRANDER fountain in our dining room, where guests can fill their glasses with the famous revitalized water.

Next to our buffet-bar the fountain is mounted on a pillar. An information board is hanging on the wall next to it, so guests can read what GRANDER-water is and of course about all the advantages it brings. 

We made the experience that our guests like this water a lot – even in the afternoon they appear with empty bottles and ask us, if they could fill their bottles with it.

Since this week, Austria Classic Hotel Wien also has its own entry in GRANDER-Guide. This is a new platform, where you can find commercial users of the GRANDER Water Revitalization worldwide.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Austria Classic Hotel Vienna soon and inviting you to a fresh glass of revitalized water – cost it and make your own impression!

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