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My name is Roland and I have been working here as a receptionist for 3 years. In the last few months before the hotel reopened, I had enough time to devote myself to my favorite hobby: music.

Since I had online contact with my fellow musicians in the band, we were able to work out, write and finally fine-tune a lot of new material, which resulted in some new songs in preparation for the concert season in Vienna. The three of us broke away from our previous group in order to carry on together, and the work process had a new momentum and a long-awaited freshness.

I had the task of stringing together existing ideas, arranging them and bringing a coherent thread into the course of the new songs. This was not always easy for me because my fellow musicians had great ideas and it was difficult to choose these creative ideas in such a way that they do not become "too much" - but luckily you can still "recycle" existing ideas retroactively.

Only recently, our line-up expanded with a lead guitarist who already looked very promising at our first meeting. After just an hour together we knew that this guitarist would fit exactly into our band image. Now it's just a matter of finding a singer who meets the same criteria. Similarly, after a period of six months of consideration, we came to the conclusion to finally fix a band name - but this will only be revealed later.

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I am still looking forward to pursuing my private passion after the hotel opens, as music will always be an anchor of reality for me, be it in times of global pandemics or in everyday hotel operations.

Kind regards & have fun in Vienna


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