Destinations during golden fall in our city

Currently the leaves and treetops in Vienna are changing - from the green summer colour to the typical golden and brown autumn shades. Not just in the parks and woods, but also in the middle of the city you can whitness the red leaves of wild wineplants that grow on facades of many houses.

From the city centre to the forest areas at Wienerwald

This autumn started very gentle in our capital city - with temperatures up to 26°C (78°F) at the mid of October! It was that warm, that some swimmers at the danube have also been whitnessed! But to our hotel guests we would like to recommend something different, as the water might not be that warm anymore. How about enjoying a walk in prater - a big nature area in the middle of the city and right in front of our hotel doors? Or you do slip into your hiking shoes a go for a walk into Wienerwald - a forest in the west of Vienna. For children, families and also guests who are interested in animals, the Lainzer Tiergarten might also be an option. It's a wild park in Wienerwald, with red deer in compounds - but as the area of the park is that big, it also is home to many free living foresters - such as wild boars, deer and many other animals. Thats also the reason why you should not leave the paths at Lainzer Tiergarten.

Especially during a walk in the woods of Vienna, you can reward yourselves with some goods if you are lucky enough. Due to the mild fall weather, there are many mushrooms growing in the forests. You can also find walnuts and horse chestnusts - the latter are very popular with children as they do handicrafts with them. And even if you don't find anything in the forests, you can reward yourself with the great view from the hills in and in front of Vienna. (Leopoldsberg, Kahlenberg, Nussberg and Bisamberg) We also recommend you to take your cameras if you go for a walk in the forest and make many great autumn photos!

Recommendations for autumn excursions in Vienna:

  • City centre and parks
  • Prater main alley & Prater meadows
  • Augarten (big park in the second district of Vienna)
  • Lobau (nature reserve at the Danube)
  • Wienerwald (big forest in the west of Vienna - destinations: Sophienalpe, Rieglerhütte)
  • Lainzer Tiergarten (wild park in Wienerwald)
  • Schönbrunn Park
  • Viennas Wine Hills (Bisamberg, Nussberg, Leopoldsberg, Kahlenberg)
  • Marchfeldkanal (small side-arm of the danube in the north of Vienna)
  • Zentralfriedhof (Viennas biggest graveyard - big area)
  • Neustift am Walde (wine village in the west of Vienna)

Furthermore we also have an event that might interest you. It takes place during the last weekend of October at Cobenzl - another one of Viennas hills - and the festival is called "Kürbisfest" - celebrating the harvest season of the pumpkins. For more information please click here. (german)

Of course our staff at the reception will always help you to find all of those places and give you further advices aboutpublic transportation services to reach those destinations.

The entire team of ❤ Austria Classic Hotel Wien ❤ wishes you a great autumn time during your stay in Vienna!

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