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The Viennese Prater

Amusement Park and Leisure Fun

The Viennese Prater lies directly in front of the door of the Austria Classic Hotel Wien. This is an extensive park with plenty of green spaces and an amusement park, which is the oldest of its kind in the world, known as the "Wiener Wurstelprater."

The " Wurstelprater" in Vienna

The Viennese have been fond of the Prater since the days of the emperor - especially since the stylish gardens were expanded by the amusement park for young and old. The famous Giant Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad) is at the entrance to the park where you can also find a roller coaster, a nostalgic miniature steam train, shooting stalls, an autodrome (scooters) among many other attractions. A special aspect of this amusement park is that the entrance is free - you only pay for the rides you actually take.

Leisure time in the Prater

But the Viennese Prater is not only an amusement park; the avenues and paths are especially popular for jogging and Nordic walking. Children can romp undisturbed on the large meadows and green fields as well as at many playgrounds. The simple eateries in the Prater like the "Schweizerhaus", a beer garden specializing in juicy roast leg of pork ("Stelze"), are especially popular.

The Symbol of Vienna

A ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel is a "must" and may be even one of the climaxes of your Viennese holiday. The sheer size of the wheel is impressive and with its bright red cabins it has become a symbol of Vienna.

Vienna from the air

If you want to see Vienna from a completely different perspective, you should give yourself the pleasure of taking a ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel. You rise slowly in spacious cabins to a height of 64,75 meters where you will have a unique view of Vienna. It's worth taking the ride at any time of day but at sunset the view is spectacular.

Historical Attraction

The Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel was built in 1897 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ascension to the throne of Emperor Franz Josef the First. Since then it has been the venue of many films and is of course on many postcards as a symbol of the city. After it was damaged during the Second World War, the Giant Ferris Wheel was rebuilt as a symbol of peace and the return to normality.

Leisure time in Vienna

Vienna is a surprisingly verdant city because of its numerous parks and leisure sports facilities. Directly in front of the Austria Classic Hotel Wien you'll find the Viennese Prater, the largest park in Vienna. The Prater is also famous for its amusement park.

Vienna for Families and Sport Enthusiasts

The numerous parks, avenues and the extended areas on the banks of the Danube offer families and sport enthusiasts plenty of opportunities to do their favorite leisure activities. A walk in the gardens of the imperial summer residence Schönbrunn and a visit to the Zoo there, a swim in one of the branches of the Danube or a morning run through the Prater - rest assured, you will get acquainted with a different Vienna in the city's green areas.

Nature and City

Nature plays an important role not only in the parks of the city, but also in the outer districts. In the gentle hills around Vienna, there are even vineyards and wine is produced - wine that you should be sure to get to know, for instance at a wine inn (Heurigen) in Stammersdorf or Grinzing!

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