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The Hundertwasserhouse Vienna

Art at the Friedensreich Hundertwasser House

Friedensreich Hundertwasser was one of the most significant Austrian artists of the last century and carried out several building projects in Vienna. The most famous of these, the Hundertwasser House contains apartments, the Kunsthaus Wien and a Hundertwasser museum.

A Vision becomes Reality

The painter, artist and architect, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, was surprisingly versatile throughout his life. His definition of art was not only limited to expensive collector's items; he wanted his art to also be available to normal people. He developed the idea of a natural and humane apartment house as his artistic statement at the same time.

  • Das Hundertwasserhaus in Wien
  • Springbrunnen vor dem Hundertwasserhaus
  • Das Hundertwasserhaus in Wien

A place of pilgrimage for Hundertwasser Fans

Starting with the laying of the foundation stone in 1983 the house attracted a lot of attention. That was no surprise since Hundertwasser's architecture is a radical break with normal utilitarian building style. Onion-topped towers, bright colors, ornaments, mosaics and no straight lines: wavy walls, roofs and floors are identifying elements. The Hundertwasserhaus is the home of the KunstHausWien and a Hundertwasser Museum.

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