2. IFC in Vienna meets Rent a Bim

From 28th to 30th of July 2017, the 2nd International Fluffy Convention (IFC) took place in Austria Classic Hotel Wien - Vienna. About 80 participants brought 184 stuffed animals and had a great time. We made new friends, met our "old" ones, did some excursiones and - most important - we raised money for St. Anna's Children's Cancer Research Institute!

During gread weather here in Vienna, we visited Prater - a famous amusement park very close to our hotel. We and our fluffy friends drove with roller coasters, Irene´s carrousels and had a great meal at popular Schweizerhaus.

Rent a Bim!

A very special highlight was the ride with a historical tramway that was built in 1927. Thanks to the very friendly team of Rent a Bim (Bim is a Viennese word for a tramway) we had a great day that we won't forget to soon. 
Our trip started almost in front of our Hotel at Praterstern and ended in Grinzing at the winetavern Müller, an old region of Vienna with many wine yards. 

We would like to thank the team of Rent a Bim for this great day and would highly recommend a trip like this to our guests! You can book this Oldtimer-Tramways for events like City-Tours, birthdays, family celebrations, weddings or business presentations. Another option is to book a ticket for special programs like:

The Walzer-Bim
An 1 hour trip through Vienna with classic music and a speech by the head of Johann Strauss museum. (Also available in english - for more information please contact Rent a Bim)

We really enjoyed the whole weekend and would like to thank all participants of the 2nd International Fluffy Convention for this unique event. Without you it would not be the same! 

Now we have lots of pictures, great memories and we still have to think about those good IFC-sweets we produced at "Zuckerlwerkstatt". :)

But most important, we would like to thank everyone who bought a tombola ticket or donated something for our charity. At the tombola you could win prices like fluffies or nonfluffy prizes that were donated by our lovely sponsors. In total the 2nd International Fluffy Convention ended with an amount of € 1.650,- which we already transfered to St. Annas Children's Cancer Research Institute in Vienna. Thank you a lot!!!

And who knows.. maybe we will see us again at 3rd International Fluffy Convention! :)

Always stay up to date at the Facebook page of Mr. Blumi!

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