Mr. Blumi and his journeys

Happy Birthday in Austria Classic Hotel Wien

If you celebrate your Birthday in the Hotel, you will get a "Mr. Blumi" as a present. You can take him with you on your journeys and if you send us your picture, we post them here on my page! 

This is my first trip and it shows me in front of the "Uhrturm", a famous sight in Graz/Styria. Copyright by Manfred Trebitsch (many thanks for the nice photo).


Misha Blumi moved to Russia 

Mr. Blumi in Rome

in front of the Colosseum


what a lovely view over Nice!

Ireland 2012

I visited my friend Beddy Bear in Ireland and we had a great time!

Maldives 2013

Isn´t that amazing! My little Blumi-brother enjoys the sun and beach on a tiny island of the Maldives!

Egypt 2008

My first big trip to Egypt with Andrea and Albert! Many thanks for the great vacation!

Egypt 2008

Here we were visiting a temple and enjoyed the culture of this interesting country.

Mr. Blumi & Friend

Here a picture of my new friend and I

Mr. Blumi in Iowa/USA

My wife and I enjoyed our stay at your hotel in late April. I've attached a photograph of Mr. Blumi near the Campanile, the symbol of Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, USA. Unfortunately, Mr. Blumi is a little blurry, but I wanted to at least send one photograph while the pink "redbud" trees were blooming.

Mr. Blumi in Bavaria

Relaxing after climbing the "Herzogstand" (height: 1.731 meters!!) in Bavaria.

Mr. Blumi on Holiday in Bavaria

Great panorama!!

Mr. Blumi in Sardinia

Here a foto of Mr. Blumi with a one of the flamingos who are living in the bay of Molentargius in our home town Quartu S. Elena (in the background). Greetings from Bruno and Anna Fanzecco.

Mr. Blumi in Sardinia

Here another photo from one of the beaches in the east of Sardinia, called Scivu.

Mr. Blumi on the way to Japan

Saying good bye to Vienna!

Mr. Blumi and the AirTravelEntertainment

It´s a long way to Japan so I watch some TV!

Mr. Blumi having dinner on the airplane

They serve very good food on the plane!

Mr. Blumi arrives at Tokyo Narita Airport

Now I am staying in Kamakura, near Yokohama. My hostfamily's name is Sugai.

Mr. Blumi in Japan

I am now fighting against a jet lug, but I am fine. Yesterday, I ate steamed eel on rice, called UNAGI in Japanese. It was the first taste for me, but it was good.

Today, my hostfamily and I took a walk around the center of Kamakura. I took some pictures.

Kamakura is a historical city, in 11th century, there was a capital of Japan. There are a lot of shrines and temples with nice Japanese gardens. I visited one of the most famous shrine called "Tsurugaoka-Hachimangu". In the shrine, there were a lot of travelers from other countries. But there are no bears except me! Everybody looked at me! In the shrine, I read the fortunetelling, and it said that I would have the best of luck!

Mr. Blumi in Kamakura

Visiting a temple.

Mr. Blumi in Kamakura

Many steps...

Mr. Blumi in Kamakura

Visiting a shrine.

Mr. Blumi in Kamakura

Fortunetelling - my future looks good!

Mr. Blumi in Denmark

Mr. Blumi is living with family Petersen in Ejby/Denmark and here he is visiting the famous "Tivoli" in Kopenhagen.

Mr. Blumi in Denmark

Celebrating a Halloween party in Tivoli

Mr. Blumi in Denmark

Mr. Blumi in front of the pantomime theatre in Tivoli

Mr. Blumi in Turkey

Here I am in Ankara.

Mr. Blumi in Turkey

My first visit in Turkey!

Mr. Blumi in Turkey

Will she feed me with turkish honey??

Mr. Blumi in Turkey

This is my new host familiy showing me around in Ankara

Mr. Blumi & Canadian Friends

We stayed at your hotel in September and had two stuffed animals (Orca and Duckie) with us for our children who stayed back in Canada with their grandparents. Your reception staff gave us two Mr. Blumi's for each of our children.

Mr. Blumi in Canada

So, we took some photos of Mr. Blumi in our hometown - Richmond, BC. We are right beside Vancouver which is hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics and the speed skating oval is in Richmond.

Mr. Blumi in Canada

Here one picture where our 6 year old son must have gotten the camera and put a blind-fold on Mr. Blumi.

Mr. Blumi & Japanese Friends

Today I enjoyed a party at home in Japan. Many friends joined the party. My best friend is Chibi-kuma. In the picture you can see next to me, he wears a red hat with brown hair.

Mr. Blumi in the office

"Conference Call" with "Big "Bonnie" Baer", in her ear there is our friend "nose bear", then we have "teddy bear" and I am the one on the phone

Mr. Blumi in Munich

I love winter but may spring finally come please!!

Mr. Blumi in Egypt / March 2010

Andrea & Albert took me again to Egypt and it was such a lovely holiday with them!

Mr. Blumi in Egypt / March 2010

Cactus spines.

Mr. Blumi in Zauchensee/Austria

Here I am in Zauchensee

Mr. Blumi in Australia

Vera & Dietmar showed me Sydney!

Mr. Blumi in Australia

In front of the famous Opera house!

Mr. Blumi in Australia

Looking pretty cool in front of the Harbour Bridge!

Mr. Blumi in Japan April 2010

I enjoy the cherry blossom in Japan!

Mr. Blumi in Japan April 2010

Many thanks to family Sugai for these beautiful pictures!

Mr. Blumi in Belgium April 2010

Here I am with Alexia in Bruxelles on the "Grand Place" in front of the town hall ("Hôtel de Ville"). After that she did feed me with delicious crêpes. She is a really nice woman!!

Mr. Blumi in Japan May 2010

Mr. Blumi in front of the "Shinkansen" SuperExpressTrain in Japan. He is now in Kyoto, a famous and historical city in Japan and will be visiting some old temples.

Harley Days in Vienna May 2010

no Harley meeting without Mr. Blumi :-)

July 2010: Motorcyclists from Brasil

A group of Brasilan Motorcyclists stayed with us in June 2010. Everything was organised by "Bosenberg Motorcycle Excurions" . Really super cool and friendly group!

June 2010: tour at Viennese Prater

Mr. Blumi and his little brother "Happy" visited the famous Viennese Prater!

Visitor from Spain

My cool facebook-friend "Osito Jose Mari" from Spain and his nice humans stayed in my Hotel.

July 2010: Sailing on the Lipno lake

Wow totally supiii - a very nice regular guest of the hotel took me on his holiday and we went sailing on the Lipno lake! Lardboard, starboard, ahoi, mutiny .. I am learning the most important sailing expressions!! I am the king of the world!

July 2010: Castle of Schoenbrunn & Vienna Zoo

Yesterday I visited the Castle of Schoenbrunn and the Vienna Zoo! A "must see" when you are in Vienna! Soooo beautiful!!

Toboggan-WM 2010

Tobogaan-WM 2010 in the Prater and i was there.

Visitor from Chile

My dear Facebook-friend "Monchichi Non" stayed for us for 2 nights at the beginning of september 2010! I got a sweed teddy from his mama "Lilith" and a wonderful bottle of wine from Chile!

Mr. Blumi in Arizona November 2010

Again one of my little Blumi-brothers found an amazing new home! He is now living with Molly and KC and their lovely family in Arizona/USA.

Trachten-groupe "Burgglöckler"

Die "Burgglöckler" were in our Hotel.

Japan 2010

Thank you to the familyYoshino.

New York 2010

My brother "BB King", who lives with Lucinda and Beddy in Ireland, visited New York with them in November 2010!

Panama 2010

with Tatiana in Panama!!

Paris 2010

in the city of love...

Pauline Schäfchen - a Facebook-Star was visiting

my dear and cute friend Pauline Schäfchen was visiting me in Vienna! We had such an amazing time!

June 2011: Nice and Monaco

Here I am in front of the famous casino in Monte Carlo

Maui/Hawaii 2011

Marna took her Blumi to Maui/Hawaii

Sardegna 2011

Anna´s Blumi visited Sardegna this summer


from Karen: Here is Mr. Blumi visiting coastal Maine (near Bar Harbor, ME in Northern New England, USA). Thank you for a lovely stay in Vienna. Your hotel more than exceeded my expectations. My room was clean and comfortable. The hotel was centrally located and close to everything by u-bahn. I couldn't have asked for a better home away from home while visiting Vienna.


a little Blumi was adopted by Rauli H. and is now living with him in Finland


Oktober 2011 - my brother BB King was in Spain!!

Dubai 2011

with Rauli

Kuala Lumpur 2013

Message from Glen on Facebook: As the adopted Australian Blumi twins make their way slowly home, they stop and share a rest in Kuala Lumpur with the famous Petronas Towers in the background. Oh, and they wish the original Mr. Blumi a happy day.

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